Muay Thai

Are you looking for one of the very best workouts of your life?
A workout that burns over 850 calories per hour?
Or a way of defending you and your family?


At Peak Performance you will learn real Muay Thai direct from the source in Thailand.  Muay Thai is a great way to get in amazing shape and learn real Muay Thai Skills.

At Peak Performance, we are lucky to work with Grandmaster Toddy on a regular basis! We travel to Thailand once a year to train with him to stay up to date and of course bring back some of his amazing drills.  We also work to bring Master Toddy to our school as often as possible.  He is a Muay Thai legend and an amazing instructor.

muay thai

Grandmaster Toddy

  • Opened The First Muay Thai Academy In England
  • He has trained over 45 World Champions
  • He was featured in the TV Show Fight Girls
  • People travel from all over the World just to get a chance to train with him
  • Head of The Muay Thai International Association (MTIA)

See what Master Toddy has to say about Kru Paul Halme!

What you will learn with Master Toddy’s exclusive Muay Thai training program:

  • The Hand Strikes of Muay Thai
  • Muay Thai’s Precise Elbow Strikes
  • The Art of Skillful Front Kick
  • The Art of Powerful Round Kick
  • The Devastating Knees of Muay Thai
  • Clinch Wrestling & Striking

muay thaiIn your time training, this is just some of the material covered.  By Training in Master Toddys exclusive Muay Thai Kickboxing Program you will learn real Muay Thai Skills, self defense, get in amazing shape and gain confidence.
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Peak Performance is the ONLY MTIA Acdemy around.  The Muay Thai International Association is recognized by the Royal Thai Government and headed by Master Toddy.  We Teach Master Toddys exclusive program that has made over 45 World Champions.  Our premire academy with Wolrd Class Instructors that are here to make sure you reach your goals.

With the MTIA you are able to earn rank in Muay Thai Kickboxing.  No more going to class and just going through the motions, we have a detailed curriculum for you to follow to move up the ranks and guide you all the way to Black Prajiet, Kru and beyond. Coach Paul Halme takes a group of students every year to train at Master Toddy’s Gym in Bangkok, Thailand!  Their is no better way to learn! Through the MTIA, we are able to offer our students amazing opportunites!

Watch this video.
  • Ready to Get in Shape?
  • Ready to Lose Weight?
  • Want to Fight on the next Rising Stars?
  • Want to Fight Muay Thai in Thailand?
  • Want access to tryout for the next Fight Girls show?
  • Ready to Train and Learn from the Insructors?
  • Dreaming of Traveling to Thailand and experiencing real Muay Thai?

Let us know what your goals are and we have the resources to help you! By working with Master Toddy, we can get you to your goals.

Call us at 817-614-9325 to schedule your 3 Free sessions.  We will go over our what you want to accomplish, how we can help you reach your goals and then customize a program for you.  We have classes for Beginners all the way to advanced fighters, we are here to help you reach your goals.

Tripple Guarantee

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Peak Performance Martial Arts serves the following cities with Muay Thai Kickboxing

Decatur, TX – Keller, TX – North Richland Hills, TX – Fort Worth, TX


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