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Here are some of the amazing

stories of our students success

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I can tell you all day how training at Peak Performance will improve your

life, but I would rather have you hear it directly from our amazing students.

Here are a few of the success stories from our students.


Grant Gunderson overcame Bullies and even trained in Thailand

MMA“I started training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai about two years ago at Peak Performance, during my junior year of high school. Throughout my entire school experience I was bullied because of my size and stature. And honestly, my drive to start martial arts was not exactly fueled by my love of peace and serenity. Thankfully, through the guide of my instructors and the new found love for the martial arts, I began to gain self confidence in myself, and no longer desired to harm my peers.

Along with my extreme boost in self confidence, my physical and mental capabilities began to grow. Peak Performance has allowed me so many opportunities. Under the guidance of the gym, I recently traveled to Thailand to train and compete in Muay Thai. And can proudly boast a record of 3-1. I have also competed in, and won several competitions in jiu jitsu. Now, almost two years later I can proudly say that I am an instructor at the gym that I love, and am looking forward to the years to come of growth in every aspect of my life.”

Grant Gunderson


Sergio Tovar has lost 60 Pounds!

MMA“While I had always been an athletic person, I didn’t have much success with losing fat on a regular low intensity cardio plan. Running, or circuit weight training helped my heart but did not help with my fat loss goals. I started looking for another way to address the problem. Improving my diet helped a little more. But there was still something missing. I had done some Jiu Jitsu a few years back. And I remembered how great I felt after every session. So I figured It cant hurt to start that back up. When I joined Peak I weighed a beefy 227lbs. My only plan going in was simply to return to a sport that was always a complete pleasure to do. Jiu Jitsu is literally fun and challenging, and mentally engaging. The great thing is that Its a sport that you can control the pace and intensity in while having a blast. Its truly addictive and motivating and a sport you can do for a life time.

 As I was having fun doing Jiu Jitsu I noticed my pants started to fall off. My belts no longer fit. All my suits needed to be re tailored. And After a month of Jiu Jitsu I had lost 20lbs! Amazing considering I had tried in vein to do the same thing through many other ways and for many years. Fast forward 2.5 years later and I now weigh a very athletic 167lbs. The only change? Adding PEAK BJJ to my life. Now, my energy level has sky rocketed. My stamina has greatly increased and I still cant get enough of the incredible art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’m in better shape and condition than I was back in college. And I keep getting better!
These days my goals have changed a little. I’m no longer trying to lose fat as there isn’t any left! Now its about maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle that will allow me to feel great while enjoying a sport I have grown to love. Now the goal is to stay competitive and continue to perfect the art of Jiu Jitsu for the rest of my life. With any luck, I will be a purple belt soon! All thanks to PEAK BJJ, Paul, and the great coaching staff.”
Sergio Tovar
“I started out weighing 243 lbs, and now weigh about 180 pounds.”
I started training in BJJ about six months ago and have found the benefits to be outstanding. I am not only in better physical condition, but also have more confidence in myself. I started out weighing 243 lbs, and now weigh about 180 pounds. This is a loss of 63 pounds in six month period. I did lose the first 20 pounds in the first month of training. This is with a training schedule of three days per week. I have now increased my training regiment, due to feeling better and wanting to train more. BJJ really
inspired me to be more physical and to train harder. BJJ is easier to me than trying some diet pill or diet fad that never works, and trust me I have tried both. You also build a friendship with the coaches and fellow students, which drives you to do better. I’m also 34 years old, so don’t think you have to be in your twenties to do something like this. I haven’t yet reached my goal of 170 lbs but am sure on my way, thanks to hard work and the help and support from my coaches and class.
Ray Beshirs Police Officer


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